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Which Type of Ice Cream Maker Is The Best for You?


The best ice cream maker is determined not only by the quality and functions it offers, but also if those functions are the ones that are suitable for your own personal confection-making needs. The differing needs of users to make their favorite frozen desserts are the reasons why there are various kinds of machines available in the market, which are the wooden bucket, freezer bowl, and the compressor.

Like its name suggests, the wooden bucket type brings back old childhood memories of the past, as this is a machine that operates manually with the use a hand crank, although there are models that operate electrically. This machine uses rock salt to make ice creams, and typically includes two bowls-one inner and one outer. The inner bowl is used to pour the ingredients, whereas the outer bowl is where the rock ice combination is poured into. The hand crank needs to be manually operated to mix these ingredients, as well as to avoid the formation of ice crystals and also promote aeration.

Soft ice cream machine BQ115TP

The freezer bowl is a less traditional counterpart of the wooden bucket, and operates electrically. It is also known as being one of the most common and most affordable ice cream maker machines in the market. This machine has double walls encasing a single bowl, and in-between these walls there is freezing liquid to help freeze the dessert. However, the use of a freezer bowl to make these frozen delights consumes quite a bit of time, as the freezer bowl needs to be placed inside a refrigerator prior to the actual production process for eight to twelve hours. Once the liquid is frozen, the ingredients are placed in the bowl, and the machine does the rest for you.

Unlike two of its counterparts, the compressor is the handiest ice cream maker of them all. The reasons for its handiness are due to its complete electric and automatic operation as well as the exclusion of any prior freezing only need to pour the ingredients into the bowl provided and wait for the machine to churn out tasty frozen delights that possess great consistency and texture in no time. However, the compressor's efficiency comes at a much higher price and its size and weight are considerably larger and heavier than the previous types.

There are various types of ice cream makers out there, and you will only find the best one for you once you find one that complements your dessert-making needs.

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