Black Porcelain Tiles

Black colour is an ever gorgeous colour and in porcelain tiles, black gives a rich look. Earlier these were frequently used for commercial purpose due to its low porosity, strength, and high scratch resistance. Today, they are used all over the world in bathrooms, kitchens and in houses in common due to the latest technologies and lower price.

Porcelain tiles are fired at higher temperature over 2,100 degrees F. They are harder while compared to other ceramic tiles. It is a wonderful option for bathrooms and kitchens as it is abrasion resistant. Maintenance is practically easy and it is a trendy choice in many properties. Black Porcelain is very solid, well-built, and exceptionally opposed to abrasion. Also extremely against to chemicals, and very much frost resistant



As porcelain is a high density material, it withstands wear and tear over an extended period of time. Due to the fact that it is not prone to chipping, cracking or scratching you can look forward to decades of trouble free use after installing them. This material is also resilient to severe temperature changes, with even fire causing only a little damage.

2.Easy to preserve:

Because of the glaze that is applied to black porcelain tiles, it results in an exterior that is very trouble-free to wipe and all types of cleaning product can be used to clean these tiles. The defensive outside layer forms a waterproof cover up, which ensures that there is no possibility of tiles becoming blemished, or mould and mildew outlining.

3.Non – Porous:

These tiles are almost impermeable to water. So, there is no need to make use of sealants. As water cannot make a way into the surface of the tile, it will not be broken unlike ordinary stones. If flooded, the tiles minimally need to be dried and cleaned. Whereas in case of other materials, a total replacement would have been required. Also porcelain tiles are the most suitable flooring category for under floor heating.


Because porcelain is resistant it is exceptionally hygienic, and so it is often specified for areas that have need of meticulous hygiene establishments, such as clinics and hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and beauty salons etc.

5.Eco friendly:

Porcelain tiles are made from natural raw materials with negligible waste. And it is recycled back into the manufacturing process. Also, Porcelain has no chemicals such as waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins. Nothing like natural stone, it is not polished by means of lead and does not discharge any gasses whilst exposed toward flame.

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