Exploring Different Kinds Of Wood Tiles

While most people assume these tiles are made of real wood, and some are, they can actually be made out of many materials such as: vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, ceramic, compressed wood, and a variety of other synthetic materials.They are extremely popular in homes and offices because of their warm colors, natural look, and their versatility. These wall tiles can be used on the floor, wall, or as a natural-looking accent tile. Here are the most common types:

Ceramic and Porcelain

These are the most popular and for good reason. They are also referred to as wood look tiles or tiles that look like wood, because they are not made from the real thing. Many homeowners love them because they are much easier to clean and care for than real wood flooring. They are also much cheaper and much more durable. They are manufactured to look so similar to real wood that it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference.


Typically called outdoor deck tiles they are durable and wear-resistant but when not treated properly, they can be prone to molds and mildew, not to mention warping and rotting. They add a visually warm component to anywhere they are used and are also physically warmer compared to ceramic tiles. Compressed wood tiles are made of layers of compressed plywood and other crushed wood components that are glued together. You get the same texture and look if real tiles for a fraction of the cost. Engineered wood tiles come with a combination of soft and hardwoods. Laminated tiles are treated with special chemicals that are formulated to prevent wood rot so they can be expected to last homeowners about 10 years before they need to replace the tiles again. They also come in various sizes and colors that mimic the grain and color of real wood.

Vinyl or Laminated

These are vinyl sheets that are made to look like wood. They are cheaper than the real thing, but unlike the real thing they are not prone to rotting. Vinyl tiles come in various sizes and colors to mimic different species of hardwood, allowing users to achieve the expensive look of a hardwood floor without the expense or the need for constant maintenance. Because of their water resistance, vinyl or laminated tiles are great for the kitchen as well. However, these are not nearly as durable as the types made from porcelain or ceramic.

Many homeowners now prefer the earthy and warm tones that a tile that looks like wood can bring to a drab and boring floor. If you are looking for a wood look tile, you can choose among the kinds of tiles listed above and determine which kind suits your needs perfectly.

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