Marble Tile

One of the popular ways to personalize an area in our home is by using a marble tile. Some of these tiles are expensive and some are also reasonably priced. Cost depends on how much tiles are needed; that’s why, it is usually used only in kitchens, hallways and bathrooms.

The price of every tile also depends on where the material was produced. Some of the countries producing these kinds of materials include Greece, Belgium, Italy and some parts in United States like the state of Tennessee. Marbles are mined and then put through various processes before it became the polished tiles.

There are also cultured marbles that are not only less expensive but also requires low maintenance compared to the real ones. These types are usually used in bathtubs and vanities since it is more durable and stronger.

HTA5 Basket Italian White Stone Marble Mosaic Flooring Tile

As to installation, installing a these tiles can tedious and challenging since a lot of care must be done to avoid damaging them. The good thing is, when it is all done, the finished look is more beautiful than ordinary tiles.

There are two types of marbles, the glazed and unglazed. Glazed materials are easier to maintain since it has the ability to resist water stains due to its smooth and hard surface. On the other hand, unglazed ones are more scrape resistant compared. However, it is prone to staining and needs to be applied with a sealer or wax for protection.

Indeed, marble tile is a great way to add beauty and uniqueness into your homes.