Why Glazed Tiles Are So Popular

There is a fantastic trend of glazed tiles making their way into almost any room in homes around the UK. Glazed tiles are smart, strong, durable and make cleaning much easier. While there are many different tiles available, glazed ones give that premium look that we want in our homes. Ceramic tiles are made from clay, either white or red clay, and hold their colour or patterns very well when they are glazed. The reasons tiles are glazed is not just for a sheen and durability it’s because the clay is soft and needs to be artificially strengthened so it lasts much longer.

Porcelain tiles, for instance, are pressed into shape whereas clay tiles are moulded. Clay tiles do not have the water resistance that porcelain tiles do but when you have clay glazed tiles that brings their water-resistance up to a similar level. The glazing of tiles uses a liquid glass, which is where they reflect light and are so shiny. This extra light means that your bathroom or kitchen looks bigger, brighter and more welcoming. The glazing makes them resist being stained, breaking and wear and tear is almost eliminated. It’s because of the liquid glass that is baked in a kiln that gives it a solid, granite-like texture but without the granite prices.

This is why so many people choose glazed tiles in their home. They are perfect for conservatories, kitchens, bathrooms and almost any room in your house. It’s important to make sure that if you use glazed tiles in a bathroom or wet room that the water absorption rate is at a minimum, but the glazing is the key compared to porcelain or stone tiles. Whether you use the glazed tiles for the walls or the floor in a room, if they have good glazing then it means that the life of the tiles as well as the protection is increased.

As you want your home to look its best and be durable, easy to maintain and look great then you can choose from a wide variety of glazed tiles. Tiles add so much to a home that it brings an essence of the Mediterranean or a splash of colour that carpets or laminate wood flooring simply cannot match. The rustic appeal of tiles complete with the sheen and water resistant makes a tiled floor or wall look so much better than one without. Once you know what colour-scheme and style you want for your kitchen or bathroom, then opt for the glazed tile and make the most of the space you’re decorating.


Glazed tiles are one of the most durable, water-resistant and smart-looking tiles you can fit in your home. They are perfect for bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and almost any floor you need covered.

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