Some Kinds of Printed Floor Mats

Logo entrance mats are effective for business promotion for both outdoor and indoor locations. The solution providers are known to judge the complexity of mat design and its intended function for the business and thus work accordingly.

Through this article, individuals will come to know about some of the major kinds of printed floor mats. Check out the following types:

Jet print logo type

The type of heavy-duty floor mats which are used to depict the business message through logo printed in sharp and clear detail. Computer-controlled jets are used to create the mats with unlimited color combinations.

To create intricate or detailed logos, dyes are injected carpet surface so that the logos will not be rub off. Coming featured with Nitrile rubber backing and borders, the jet print form can be used with various colors, depending on the message and design choice.

Premium carpet logo type

One of the highest quality carpet-surface logo mats known in the industry are premium carpet logo mats. With unmatched density, the designs can be woven directly and the kind is known to resist significant fading or color loss and thus guarantee years of beauty. The carpets are easy to clean and can be vacuum easily.

Rubber scraper logo type

Logo in this case is designed through different colors of rubber and when they bonded together, it displays an attractive logo door carpet. One of the best features is that it comes with containment borders that protect the floors by trapping any oil, dirt and water. Other features include it is made from 100% Nitrile rubber, slip resistant even when it is wet, ideal for indoors and outside. Adding to it, it is easy to clean, hose off and dry.

Vinyl link logo type

The rectangular links bound together with the application of stainless steel reinforcement rods are Vinyl link logo type mats. The kind is known to be perfect for the removal of dirt and debris especially in heavy-trafficked areas. Best thing is that it is hard on scraping shoes clean of debris or any kind of dirt.

One should always consider cleaning of all kinds of printed mats with carpet spotting solution rather than using any kind of bleach or solution.

Including the above-discussed ones, there are many other kinds of floor mats that are designed with large format prints. Such kinds include anti-fatigue logo, flocked carpet and much more.

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